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What is the BestOffice project?

    The purpose of BestOffice project is to develop a personal productivity solutions package for general use in offices. It is a free alternative to the other Office commercial packages of the market.

    The BestOffice is developed and kept by a big team of independent individuals, a free community of programmers, developers and software engineers tha calls itself the BestOffice Team.

Which are the advantages of BestOffice?

    The BestOffice package have most of the attributes and functionalities that you wish from a robust set of great business solutions applications for personal productivity, having new functionalities that are not found in any other package and being much lighter and faster when executing their tasks.

Is BestOffice Free?

    The BestOffice also adds the advantage of being "Free Software", with all its source code available for all those who want to "understand the software core", study, fix eventual bugs, to add useful functionalities to the application to meet his/her commercial institution needs. Because this software can be freely distributed, you can download and use it for how much time you want (it does not have limitations of use, it is not shareware or demo) with its source codes and/or its binary without cost for who wants to use, but respecting the terms of general public license (GPL).

Contributing for the BestOffice

    It is very easy to contribute for the BestOffice project. If you are a programmer, everything that you need to do is find a part of the BestOffice BestOffice which you could improve and make your changes, improvements or adaptations (in clear and careful way). Look the Conventions and Standardizations and send it to the Project, to any of the members of the development team in case that you know someone or for another developer that is active in the project. Moreover your contribution can be anything since documentation until artwork or source code.
Look the page Joins us for further information and to fulfill the form to register.

    And, of course, if you are not programmer, you can also contribute. There are another ways to help us in the BestOffice project. As we said previously, you can help us in software documentation, testing it, translation of home pages or other documents for other languages. Look in Joins us to know how to register yourself as an active contributor.

Jhony Kozikopoulus, the JvThumbImage, JvThumbViews and JvThumbNails creator from Jedi VCL has joined the team as BestImage main coordenator.
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